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Monday 19th February 2017

Please send €5 for photocopies by tomorrow.

Study numbers that make 20 (0+20, 1+19, 2+18 etc)

Maths wb p 26

Study for Maltese (Il-Prezent) assessment

Way Ahead Workbook p50,52

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Wearing our bed slippers

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Friday 16th February 2018

Maths handout both sides

Way Ahead workbook p49



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Thursday 15th February 2018

Please note that you had to get a narrow lined copybook (wrapping paper and plastic) for Guided Reading.  Please do so by tomorrow.

Maths wb p25

Way Ahead Workbook p46,47,48

Sign English assessment and keep it at home.

Please send €5 for school photocopies.

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Wednesday 14th February 2018

Read Study notes Booklet p30,99,99

Maths wb p23,24

Malti Manija p22,23

Way Ahead Workbook 44,45

Tomorrow we have the fieldwork.  Get normal school bag and a small bag with pocket, lunch,bottle and an A4 clipboard.

I would like you to check whether you took someone else’s school jacket by mistake.

Study for English – Plurals assessment. sign Maths assessment and keep at home.

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Thursday 8th February 2018

All HW given today is for Wednesday 14th February.  Tomorrow you can wear your Carnival Costume or Casual Clothes.  School finishes at noon.  Get small bag only with empty lunchbox, napkin, bottle, plastic cup and the items you will share with friends.

Maths handout both sides.

Joined Writing p 4

Stilel p62,63

Read everyday.

Study for Maths S3 and S4 Assessment (Study Notes p 29)

Study for Plurals Assessment




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