I would like to welcome you to the Roses’ class blog.   Here you will be able to find your daily notebook, notes to parents, information about school activities, outings and much more.  Please subscribe to this blog to be able to receive updates posted here.

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Monday 20th November 2017

Read Study Note p 15.  Use your coins to make up different amounts using the least possible coins.

Maths wb p29,30

Sign Maltese assessment

English handout Ex B on copybook.

Social Studies p11.  This is for Wednesday.



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Friday 17th November 2017

Maths handout both sides

English handout 1 both exercises on copybook.

Read Study Note and study p69

Study for Maltese assessment (Aġġettivi)

Get signed consent form for outing

Remember to:

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Thursday 16th November 2017

We had to change the date of our outing due to bad weather forecast .  The outing will be held on Thursday 23rd November.

Maths handout both sides

Malti Manija p12

Read your library books


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Wednesday 15th November 2017

Digital Time Games :  Game 1 

Online interactive Clock

Read Study note p 14

SSM p11,12,13

Finish Clock. Colour, glue to a cardboard, cut and join hands to the centre.  Get it with you to school.

Sign Maltese assessment

Stilel p 36,37

Social studies p 10.  This is for Friday.

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Tuesday 14th November 2017

You can keep the Study Notes at home.  Note that we wrote the method we are learning this week on page 13.

Maths Number Textbook p6 on copybook.

Way Ahead Workbook p24,25

Read Senduq- Tifla gdida fil-klassi u Kulhadd ta daqqa t’id.


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Monday 13th November 2017

IMP – Tomorrow get your Study Notes Booklet with you.

Sign Maths and English


Maths wb p23,24

Way Ahead Workbook p20,22.

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Friday 10th November 2017

Study for Nomi Komuni/Proprji assessment

Study for Maths N7, N8 and N9(from study Notes) assessment

Maths wb p23,24,25

Malti handout Ex D on copybook.

Copy/Type Creative writing- Jien Qattus tat-Triq on project book.  Write neatly and skip a line.  On the kartoncina draw or find pictures of the cat.

sign Maths assessment

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