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Tuesday 22nd May 2018

At school you wrote some words that remind you of Superheroes (boys) and Fairies (girls).  You can use one of these Rhyme Generators to find a rhyming word for each word and write them down on the white copybook/diary.  The rhyming word you find needs to be related to the theme (Superhero / Fairy)

Rhyme Generator

Rhyme Zone

Maths handout both sides

Way Ahead Workbook p106,107.



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Monday 21st May 2018

Symmetry games:  game 1 

Game 2

Maths handout both sides

You have to read the School library book by Wednesday.  We will be collecting them as this was the last book we are borrowing for this Scholastic Year.

Get 60c for some items I need to buy for a Special Craft.  You can get it from your money box.

Way ahead Workbook p 104,105.



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Thursday 17th May 2018

Those children who will be having the smoothie on Monday, please get a plastic cup and a straw.

Maths SSM wb p32,33

Finish creative writing- Meta Ltqajt ma’ dragun.  When ready read your work to an adult and check your writing.

Studji socjali p31,32.



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Wednesday 16th May 2018

Maths wb p23

Malti Taħriġ il-Fehem – Il-Festi.

Reminder:  On Friday children do not have school as teachers have the SPD whole day meeting.

Tomorrow get your school library book/s.



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Tuesday 15th May 2018

Play this game (doubles and halves) Choose Doubles up to 50 and Halves up to 50.

Maths wb p21,22

English Way Ahead Workbook p101,102



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Monday 14th May 2018

Maths Think & Learn p 47,48

Way Ahead Workbook p 98,99



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As promised- Video Clip

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