Monday 26th September 2016

  1. HW – Maths Workbook p2

2. We are going to collect €10.50 for the following items: 

Social Studies and Maths photocopied & binded booklets, photocopies of  Maghqud and English Comprehension booklets and handouts done in summer. Please send money at your earliest.

Please check handout with all information on how to access my Class Blog as from tomorrow you will have to see the homework from the Blog.

Those who did not get the €3 for the School Diary please bring them together with the €10.50

Please cover all the books given today in clear plastic, label and return to school by tomorrow.  The majority of these books will be kept at school.

The Extrawork copybook must be kept in the satchel everyday

You have been given two forms to fill in and return to school tomorrow.

6.  Keep the Study File at home.  We will be giving handouts to study and keep in the file.  Today we already filed one Study note.  Read it at home.

Get a passport/small photo


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