Friday 30th September 2016

Copy creative writing from pink copybook to Project book.  Write neatly, copy without mistakes and skip a line.  Write in one paragraph and if you need more lines draw some lines on the kartoncina.  Glue a picture of yourself or draw it yourself.  You can type your work and glue the printed page on the lined page.

Please note that we are collecting €10.50 for school photocopies and workbooks MaltiManija + Think & Learn.  Send them at your earliest.

Fill in the form given during the Parents’ Meeting and send to school by Monday if you did not send it today.

Maths Think & Learn p8,9

MaltiManija p2

Cover the MaltiManija, Malti Tahrig il-Fehem and Religion workbook.

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3 Responses to Friday 30th September 2016

  1. laura casconr says:

    good morning, today p.e. kit?


  2. massimo campo says:

    Goodmorning, today with p.e. kit?


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