Monday 5th December 2016

File and study new English  and Maths study note.  Put the coloured sheet we used during classwork in a punched folder and file in study file as well.

English handout Ex B and D on copybook

Sign Spelling assessment

Think & Learn p49,50

Design and Technology project.  Colour the handout, cut it out neatly, stick on to cardboard and cut again, put into an envelope and bring to school.  This is for Friday.

Ġib wieħed mill-materjali li semmejna fil-klassi eż: biċċa kartonċina ħoxna ħafna, tappijiet tal-plastik, biċċa blutack, foam, ġeblow jew kwalunkwe’ materjal ieħor sabiex noħolqu disinn 3D bil-forom li qasqastu.  Dan il-materjal tridu iġġibuh il-Ġimgħa 16 ta’ Diċembru.

Those who did not get the money for the Christmas party please do so at your earliest.

We need two googly eyes and a red button the size of a one euro coin.  We also need a glitter glue gold or silver.  If you did not get please get them by tomorrow.

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