Tuesday 14th March 2017

Keep Maths wb 2 at home

Tomorrow school finishes at noon.

Way Ahead Pupil’s Book Read Unit 11

Way ahead Workbook p64,65,66

Finish the Easter Wreath for Monday.  Cut all the pictures and ovals with write up.  Cut a circular cereal box/kartoncina (ideally diameter 30cm) and glue all pictures in sequence.  Numbers will help you.  See pictures below.  You can overlap some pictures so they all fit.

1. Jesus enters Jerusalem (palm branch and donkey pictures)

2. The Last Supper (bread and wine pictures)

3. Jesus Prays in Gethsemane (praying hands picture)

4. Jesus is Crucified (cross picture)

5. Resurrection (empty tomb picture)

6. Ascension (Jesus in clouds picture)

7. Holy Spirit Comes Down (dove and flames pictures)

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